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Bone Marrow of Ostrich Burgers of Ostrich Meat Fan Fillet of Ostrich
Fertile Egg of Ostrich Fresh Egg of Ostrich for Eating Ground Meat of Ostrich
Inside Strip Steak of Ostrich Liver of Ostrich Ostrich Chicks
Ostrich Oil Outside Strip Steak of Ostrich Oyster Steak of Ostrich
Pearl Steak of Ostrich Pepperoni made with Ostrich Meat Rocky Mountain Oysters of Ostrich
Salami made with Ostrich Meat Sausage made with Ostrich Meat Tenderloin of Ostrich

Exotic Meat Market offers Ostrich Meat from Ostriches born, raised, and harvested in the USA. At our farm in Southern California we raise over 200 Ostriches on Alfalfa and Beer Spent Grains.

Ostrich Meat is similar in taste, texture, and appearance to beef. It's comparable to beef in iron and protein content, but ostrich has less than half the fat of chicken and two-thirds less fat than beef and pork.

Ostrich Meat beats the competition with fewer calories, too. That's why ostrich meat is the choice of health-conscious consumers who refuse to sacrifice flavor.

Because of its low-fat content, ostrich meat cooks faster than other meat products. Ostrich Steaks and whole muscles should be cooked medium rare to medium. Cooking ostrich to well done is not recommended.

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Exotic Meat Market offers Ostrich Oil from Ostriches harvested in the USA. Product of the USA.

Ostrich Oil is antiaging. Ostrich Oil heals your skin and provides a youthful appearance. Ostrich Oil can reduce common aging symptoms such as wrinkles. Ostrich Oil - 16 Oz.
Our Price: $59.99
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