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Wild Pigeon Meat is a great source of satisfying protein, which helps your body repair cells and make new ones. One breast per person is enough for a starter, and two make a reasonable main course. Yes, our Wild Pigeons are BIG. Average Weight 8 oz. to 24 oz.

The meat has a rich store of beneficial minerals, in particular iron, which is crucial for energy production and a robust immune system. To avoid dental disasters, chew gingerly at first: occasionally, a tiny pellet of lead shot may be buried in the meat.

Wild Pigeon Meat is deep crimson in color, and has a great depth of flavor too. It's wonderful to serve with sauce or in pies and has a rich taste that's great on a cold winter's day. As with many of our wild species, pigeons should be eaten pink to enjoy the fullest flavor.

But you don't need to be a pro to cook Wild Pigeon. Rapidly seared (a minute each side) and then rested, soft, succulent boned breast has the fine grain of a prime steak, but thanks to the diversity of its wild diet (seeds, acorns, buds, berries, green crops) it has a more complex earthy, woodland taste.

As for the legs, cooked for 2-3 hours at a low temperature, under a layer of olive oil or perhaps duck fat, they make a deeply flavorsome confit that falls obligingly off the bone. The boned carcass, of course, makes fantastic stock.

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