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Burgers of Axis Deer Eye of Round of Axis Deer Ground Meat of Axis Deer
Heart of Axis Deer Kidney of Axis Deer Knuckle of Axis Deer
Leg Roast of Axis Deer Liver of Axis Deer Neck Rosettes of Axis Deer
Osso Buco of Axis Deer Pancreas of Axis Deer Rack of Axis Deer
Roast - Bottom Round of Axis Deer Short Ribs of Axis Deer Shoulder Roast of Axis Deer
SIKA DEER MEAT Sirloin Tip Roast of Axis Deer Stew Meat of Axis Deer
Strip Loin of Axis Deer Tenderloin of Axis Deer Testicle
Top Round Roast of Wild Axis Deer Whole Carcass of Axis Deer

Exotic Meat Market® Offers Axis Deer Meat from Axis Deer born, raised and harvested in the USA.

Many consider axis Venison to be the best-tasting venison in the world. Axis venison has the mildest flavor and most tender meat of commercially marketed venison and is the most approachable to restaurant guests who may be afraid to try game meat. The meat is deep red in color and contains less than 1% fat and therefore can be marketed as fat-free. By comparison, Fallow Deer & Red Deer have a fat content of 5% - 7%. Axis Deer meat was judged best tasting wild game meat by the Exotic Wildlife Association.

Exotic Meat Market® offers Whole Axis Carcass, Axis Stew Meat, Rack of Axis Deer, Axis Filet Mignon Steak, Axis Rib Eye Steak, Axis New York Steak, Axis Porterhouse Steak, Axis Chuck Roll, Axis Flat Iron Steak, Axis Clod Heart, Axis Chuck Mock Tender, Axis Ribeye, Axis Rib Eye Steak, Axis Back Ribs, Axis Whole Brisket, Axis Short Ribs Bone Out, Axis Tenderloin, Axis Striploin, Axis Top Sirloin, Axis Tri Tip, Axis Sirloin Tip, Axis Top Round, Axis Eye of Round, Axis Femur Bones, Axis Bottom Round, Axis Hanger Steak, Axis Inside Skirt Steak, Axis Outside Skirt Steak, Axis Sirloin Flap Steak, Axis Osso Bucco, Axis Rocky Mountain Oysters, Axis Testicles, Axis Tongue, Axis Kidney, Axis Heart, Axis Liver, Axis Bones, Axis Tail, Axis Shanks, Axis Trim, Axis Burgers, Axis Penis, Axis Hot Dogs, Axis Sausage, Axis Salami, Axis Jerky and Axis Bone Marrow are available in fresh and frozen packaging.

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Heart of Axis Deer Heart of Axis Deer
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