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Anshu's Exotic Meat Market offers Wild Blackbuck Meats from Blackbuck Antelopes born and field harvested in the United States of America. No meat is healthier than our Wild Blackbuck Antelope Meat. The wild game meat we sell all comes from animals that have roamed free in the United States of America. There they feed exclusively on fresh plants in exactly the same way as they have done for thousands of years. That makes the meat very high in nutrients, and it's completely free from any traces of antibiotics and growth hormones.

The Blackbuck Antelopes are also active in their natural habitat, ensuring that their muscles are constantly in top condition. This makes the Blackbuck Antelope Meat very lean, usually with less than 3% fat. Thanks to the high intake of fresh plants, the fat is primarily non-saturated and is thus very low in cholesterol.

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