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I am passionate about producing the very best Boer Goats possible for eating and enjoyment on your plate!

Our Boer Goats are treated to the highest welfare standards, and their overall contentment is of the utmost importance to us. Put simply, if they’re not happy, they won’t grow!

Our Boer Goats are born and bred on our farm in Perris, California, just 80 Miles East of Los Angeles. Each animal is carefully selected to ensure the best quality and correct minimum weight.

Our Boer Goat Meat is tender, delicious and great value for money. Boer Goat Meat is leaner and contains less cholesterol and fat than both lamb and beef. This makes it healthier to eat but can require low-heat, slow cooking to preserve tenderness and moisture.

Goat Meat is a staple of Africa, Asia and South/Central America, and a delicacy in a few European cuisines. The cuisines most well-known for their use of goat include Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisine.

Our Price: $39.99