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Llama Ground Meat - 5 Lbs.

Exotic Meat Market raises grass fed Llamas at our farm in Perris, California. No Hormones. No Additives. Our Llama Ground Meat is packed in one lb. packaging. Grass Fed Llama meat is lean like all game meats.

Our Price: $149.99

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Exotic Meat Market started raising Llamas for food in the USA since 2011. Our Llamas are raised on California grown Alfalfa. Our Llamas are harvested at 24 months. On an average we process in between 24 to 36 Llamas per year. On an average we yield in between 80 to 100 Lbs. of boneless Llama meat per animal. On an average at 24 months a Black Angus steer can yield more than 1200 Lbs. of boneless beef. That’s the reason Llama meat is limited and bit expensive.

Llama meat is lean like all game meats. Llama meat is deep red, tender and delicious. The ancient Inca civilization domesticated Llamas for approximately 5,000 years. Many llamas and alpacas were sacrificed to the Gods every year by the Incan culture. The meat would then be distributed to the crowds.

Exotic Meat Market offers Llama Meat from Head to Tail. Our famous cuts are Llama Tenderloin, Llama Rib Eye Steak, Llama New York Steak, Llama Strip Loin Steak, Llama Filet Mignon Steak, Llama Top Sirloin Steak, Llama Rib Eye Roast, Llama Porterhouse Steak, Llama Short Ribs, Llama Denver Leg, Llama Stew, Llama Burgers, Llama Meat, Llama leg medallions, Llama rump, Llama Eight Bone Rack, Llama six bone rack, Llama four bone rack, Llama two bone rack, Llama shoulder roast, Llama leg roast, Llama short loin, Llama boneless strip loin, Llama two bone rib rack, Llama Petite Tender, Llama Jerky, Llama Salami, Llama Pepperoni, Llama Sausage, Llama Cajun Sausage, Llama Garlic and Basil Sausage, Rack of Llama, Llama Back Ribs, Llama Stew, Llama Brisket, Llama Chuck Roast, Llama Filet Mignon, Llama Flank Steak, Llama Flat Iron, Llama Ground Meat, Llama Prime Rib, Llama Ribeye Steak, Llama Sirloin Steak, Llama Skirt Steak, Llama Strip Steak, Llama T-bone Steak, Llama Tenderloin Roast, Llama Tenderloin Steak, Llama Top Round Roast, Llama Tri-tip Roast, Llama head, Llama tongue, Llama neck, Llama bone in stew meat, Llama rosettes, Llama Osso Bucco, Llama Penis, Llama testicles, Llama rocky mountain oysters, Llama liver, Llama kidney, Llama Heart, Llama Lungs for pet food, Llama green tripe for pet food, Llama bones for pets, Llama placenta, Llama milk, Llama inside fat, Llama oil, Llama cream and more.

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