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Exotic Meat Market respect and follows the beliefs of Indigenous American Indians that animals should only be "harvested for food".

As custodians of Mother Nature, we Exotic Meat Market recognize our responsibility to the environment. Every step of the way, from paddock to plate, we make it a priority to continuously improve environmental management.

Exotic Meat Market is extremely proud of the nutritious, high-quality meat we provide for consumer use. And we are equally proud of the conscious and successful effort we put toward environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Exotic Meat Market is committed to the highest level of animal welfare and the humane treatment of livestock. Our mission is to ensure that acceptable animal welfare standards are implemented and effectively verified.

Livestock processing in USA is conducted in accordance with State and Federal requirements, and enforced accordingly by county, state and Federal inspectors to ensure that high standards of animal welfare are maintained at all times.

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How do I raise my animals?

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