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Iguana Meat. Exotic Meat Market.Com is proud to offer you wild American Iguanas. Our Iguanas are shot with BB guns in Jungles of America and they might have shots in their body, so please watch out when you cook or when you consume. Just like Scottish Wild Animals.

For centuries, Iguana has been consumed throughout Central America; now available in USA.

The increasing popularity of Iguana meat is due to several factors, including "People believe Iguana meat does many things. Its reputation among Central Americans as a cure-all for everything from colds to poor sexual performance."

Anshu's Exotic meats supplies Iguana Meat all over US - Anshu is doing more than providing a fondly remembered "Taste of Home" for Latinos and Asians now living in the US.

Anshu says "It's good for your body, community and environment." The budding market is also improving life in El Salvador. Raising iguanas on farms for export provides much-needed jobs, and it allows food to be grown while keeping the tropical rain forest intact. The industry even aids in rebuilding wild iguana populations, since many iguana farms periodically release part of their stock into the wild.

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