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Boneless Turtle Meat - 5 Lbs.

Boneless Turtle Meat - 5 Lbs.

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Exotic Meat Market offers Wild Snapping Turtle Meat. Our Boneless Snapping Turtle Meat is packed in one lb. packaging.

Our Boneless Snapping Turtle Meat is completely lean and fat free. It’s important to note that like many very lean wild meats, a low and slow cooking method can produce the best results.

Turtle meat should be parboiled prior to using in any recipe. Place a layer of onions, garlic, and peppers in the bottom of a crock pot, layer the turtle meat on top, then add just enough water or stock to cover the Snapping Turtle Meat. Cook on the low setting 8 -12 hours.

Now the turtle meat is ready for most any recipe you have. It can be stir fired, barbequed, made in to soup – you name it. Turtle meat makes any recipe delicious.

Many people enjoy turtle meat fried. This is best done by either parboiling it first until fork tender, then breading and frying, or the more popular method is to fry and then wrap the fried pieces in foil and roast in a 350-degree oven for about two hours. turtle soup good for cough.

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