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Wild Scottish Pheasant

Wild Scottish Pheasant
Wild Scottish Pheasant. Our Wild Scottish Pheasant is very lean, with a rich game flavor found only in truly wild pheasant. Like all our wild Scottish game, our pheasants grow in the Highlands of Northern Scotland where they feed on a diet of heather, tundra and grasses. They are procured in private weekend estate hunts organized exclusively for US Market and are immediately processed in a facility supervised by the European Economic Community Inspectors. They arrive in the US within just two days of the hunt, for the freshest wild game birds possible.

The female Scottish pheasant is generally smaller than its male counterpart and yields a more tender meat.

Scottish game is truly wild, never farm-raised Product of Scotland Subject to availability (sometimes hunters miss!) Note: game meat may occasionally contain the shot.

Wild Scottish Pheasant - 2 to 3 Lbs.
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Wild Scottish Pheasant - 2 to 3 Lbs. wsph
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