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Tur - Duc - Hen

Tur - Duc - Hen
Tur - Duc - Hen What is this THING called a Turducken or Tur-Duc-Hen??? Leave it to those Cajuns of south Louisiana to come up with this culinary delicacy. A turducken is an accumulation of three different birds. A turkey, duck, and a chicken along with your choice of stuffings. All three birds have been de-boned, leaving only the wing & leg bones of the turkey for aesthetic purposes. The turkey is the outside bird, with the chicken & duck on the inside. Because this Turducken is a Cajun Turkey Company product, rest assured that the skin and fat have been removed from the inner birds, and the excess turkey fat has also been removed. The different layers of meat are then separated by a layer of your choice of stuffings. Due to the wonderful flavor and the ease of preparation, the turducken is fast becoming a new holiday tradition in most homes and we hope it will become your tradition in the future. Our turduckens weigh in at 15 pounds and feed around 15-20 people, or 12-15 Cajuns! For a smaller gathering we will offer a Turducken Roll. That's a de-boned turkey breast, duck breast, and chicken breast rolled up with a link of Cajun sausage in the middle!! This taste' item feeds 6-8 people. All of our turduckens do require cooking times that range from 2-6 hours.

Tur-Duc-Hen - 15 Lbs.
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Tur-Duc-Hen - 15 Lbs. 91005
Tur - duc - hen - rolls 4lb
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Tur - duc - hen - rolls 4lb 503395SM
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