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Shark Meat

Shark Meat
Mako Shark Meat has a medium full-bodied and slightly sweet flavor. Mako can be marinated, broiled, grilled, or cubed for soups, stews, and kebabs.

Mako Sharks are very popular and are often substituted for Swordfish in recipes calling for Swordfish. Fresh Mako Shark, though similar to Swordfish has meat that is slightly lighter and is almost always moister with a less meaty texture. Mako Shark steaks are boneless and are very easy to prepare.

Our Mako Shark Meat comes from the Mako Sharks captured from the waters of the United States and South America. Being conscientious of over fishing we only except Mako Sharks that are over the legal minimum size and weight so that the fish have had the opportunity to reproduce.

Scientific name: Isurus oxyrinchus Market name: Mako shark Common names: Shortfin mako, blue pointer, bonito shark, Atlantic mako, Pacific mako

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