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Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish
Scorpionfish certainly stands out from even the most unusual fishes with it's ugly body, large head and dangerous spikes.

Scorpionfish are coveted by most Europeans as a precious, even essential, ingredient to traditional bouillabaisse. It is for this dish that they are generally most sought. They are also commonly whole roasted (a solution to dealing with their many bones) in aromatics, or as the main ingredient in stews. Their poisonous spines can be easily and carefully removed by cutting them off with kitchen shears, although whole cooking effectively denatures and eliminates their venom. Their flakey flesh cooks white, is firm, and has a mild and somewhat unique flavor that some compare to cooked lobster meat.

Scorpion Fish - Average 2 to 3 Lbs
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Scorpion Fish - Average 2 to 3 Lbs SCORPION
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