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Manchester Farm Semi Boneless Quail - 24 Pieces

Manchester Farm Semi Boneless Quail - 24 Pieces
Manchester Farm Semi Boneless Quail - 24 Pieces
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Product Description

Manchester Farm Semi Boneless Quail - 24 Pieces

This is our premium center of the plate item for upscale applications. This Quail is sleeve boneless meaning all bones have been removed except for the wings and drummette of the leg. This is all done while leaving the body cavity intact making it the perfect knife and fork item for stuffing and baking.

Manchester Quail farms is the only SQF Level 2 Certified Quail Processor in the U.S.A.

Through a selective breeding process Manchester Quail farms have developed a premium "jumbo" quail that is superior to any other quail in the market. Manchester Quail farms quail are vacuum tumbled and preseasoned to lock in moisture and tenderize the meat. It has never been easier to prepare a more succulent, golden brown, mouth watering quail right out of the package.

When it comes to cooking quail, you prepare it the same way you would any other poultry. It's that simple - roast, bake, grill, smoke, saute, barbeque, fry and microwave. Although quail may be prepared in many forms, we recommend grilling for the best results. It may serve as an entree or an exciting compliment to a traditional meal, such as "steak and quail" or "quail and seafood". Regardless of your cooking method, we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality of Manchester Quail farms quail. Quail has become extremely popular because of it's distinctive, succulent taste. A flavor unlike any other poultry, that works in harmony with all types of sauces and seasonings. Another reason quail has grown in popularity is because it's not only meaty and delicious - it's nutritious. In fact it's high in protein and lower in fat and calories than chicken or turkey.

So no matter what style restaurant you have quail will add something new and exciting to your menu. They're easy and convenient to prepare as well as healthy and nutritious. Try Manchester Farms quail, it's the low fat alternative - you and your customers will be glad you did.

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