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Kangaroo Stew Meat - 5 Lbs.

Kangaroo Stew Meat - 5 Lbs.
Kangaroo Stew Meat - 5 Lbs.
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Product Description

Kangaroo Stew Meat - 5 Lbs.

Kangaroo Stew meat is prepared from lean Kangaroo meat. Connective tissue,fat and sinews are removed.

When it comes to high-quality protein, kangaroo stew meat goes to the top of the list. A 150 grams serving of kangaroo fillet (pre-cooked) provides an average adult with 66% of his/her daily protein needs. Yes, that’s right – you get two thirds of the protein you need each day in one tasty kangaroo meal.

That must be music to the ears of fitness fanatics trying to gain strength, as protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass. What’s more, protein helps to tame the appetite beast, so kangaroo meat is a superb choice for those trying to pull in the belt. Protein curbs the appetite by triggering the release of certain hormones, which in turn let your brain know the stomach is satisfied. So kangaroo meat is a certainly a worthy ‘protein hero’ to include as part of your main meals.

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