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Cavendish Semi Bone Less Jumbo Quail - 6 Pack

Cavendish Semi Bone Less Jumbo Quail - 6 Pack
Cavendish Semi Bone Less Jumbo Quail - 6 Pack
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Product Description

Cavendish Semi Bone Less Jumbo Quail - 6 Pack

All of the bones in Cavendish Game Birds’ semi-boneless quail have been removed except for the wing and lower leg. Sleeve or glove boning the bird leaves the skin intact, making it perfect for stuffing—from a traditional bread stuffing to foie gras and truffles. This product is excellent for grilling and sautéing.

Our Super Jumbo Quails are more substantial in size and have a well-developed finish—streaks of fat under the skin that help maintain flavor and keep the birds moist and tender while cooking. Our Super Jumbo Quails are outstanding and served in many of this countries' Finest restaurants.

Quail meat is very lean, rich in color, with a delicate game flavor. Raised in a free-range environment on natural, wholesome grains, they marinate very well, and should be cooked quickly over high heat either grilling, broiling or sauteing. Serve with a very cold Rose!

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