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Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.

Filet Mignon Steaks

Filet Mignon Steaks
Our Filet Mignon Steaks are juiciest and tender of all the steaks. This marvelously rich, yet mellow boneless cut comes from the heart of the short loin where the most abundant marbling, tender texture and succulent taste is found.

This steakhouse classic goes by several different names such as "Tenderloin steaks" as well as "Chateaubriand". Bottom line: This is a boneless steak cut from the top loin, the most tender section of beef.

Exotic Meat Market offers ONLY USDA graded beef, that it is generously marbled for an exquisite taste and texture that is truly sumptuous. Go ahead; spoil someone you love like yourself. Try adding Urbani Summer Truffle Sauce to your whipped potatoes for a heavenly accompaniment. Indulge in these extraordinary steaks whenever you wish to serve the absolute very best. Please remember to eat beautifully!

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