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Emu Eggs - 1 Fresh Egg

Emu Eggs - 1 Fresh Egg
Emu Eggs - 1 Fresh Egg
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Product Description

Exotic Emu Farm is located in City of Perris, State of California, USA. Our Emu Eggs are gathered daily, washed, sanitized and held at a constant temperature until time of shipment or pickup.

Exotic Emu Farm recommends that the emu eggs be held no longer than 10 days for maximum hatchability. It is equally important that the eggs be handled as little as possible, kept clean and placed in a sterile environment for hatching.

The incubator should be able to maintain a constant temperature of 97.5 degrees, with a rotation assembly and good air circulation. Emu Hatching eggs can be shipped by Priority Mail or Express Mail when the temperatures are moderate. Shipping charges are extra and the responsibility of the buyer.

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