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A 5 Kobe Beef - Filet Mignon Steak - BMS 8 - 10 ozs.

A 5 Kobe Beef - Filet Mignon Steak - BMS 8 - 10 ozs.
A 5 Kobe Beef - Filet Mignon Steak - BMS 8 - 10 ozs.
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A 5 Kobe Beef - Filet Mignon Steak - BMS 8 - 10 ozs.

Exotic Meat Market Offers authentic Japanese A 5 Wagyu Beef, also known as A 5 Kobe Beef.

"The Wagyu Beef" - also known as "Kobe Beef" is the ultimate masterpiece of Japanese Beef. Wagyu are raised with pride and care all over Japan, and they provide truly world class high quality beef. Wagyu is strictly graded and sorted info five classes by professionals from the Japan Meat Grading Association from A 1 to A 5. A5 is the highest grade of Wagyu Beef.

Grade A 5 is further graded from BMS 8 to 12. The cattle are fed for 500-600 days and have a controlled daily weight gain of 0.8kg compared to domestic cattle 1.8 to 2.4kg daily gain.

One of the most important factors for grading beef quality is "marbling", which refers to the fine white streaks of fat that run through lean beef and enhance flavor and tenderness. "The Wagyu" has excellent marbling that puts it among the world's top class. Furthermore, the fat in "The WAGYU" melts at just 77F (25C), a lower temperature than any other beef. This explains why "The WAGYU" melts in your mouth for a sensational burst of flavor from the very first bite.

The result of this is the composition of the meat and flavor is dramatically different to other cattle produced in the world. Wagyu have about 70% monounsaturated fatty acids specifically oleic and stearic acid. These monounsaturated fatty acids have two properties of importance to the meat. Firstly, they have a very low melting point (less than 7 degrees Celsius), which means that the beef literally “melts in your mouth“. This results in the sweetest, most succulent beef you will ever taste. Our Japanese Wagyu Beef has unique smell, texture, tenderness and flavor that up until now, was only available in Japan.

Our Kobe Filet Mignon Steaks are juiciest and tender of all the steaks. This marvelously rich, yet mellow boneless cut comes from the heart of the short loin where the most abundant marbling, tender texture and succulent taste is found. This steakhouse classic goes by several different names such as "Tenderloin steaks" as well as "Chateaubriand". Bottom line: This is a boneless steak cut from the top loin, the most tender section of beef.

Taste the difference.